Achilles SG Series Inflatable Boat | SG-156 2016

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California DMV Registration

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Oversized Fee Breakdown

Small Portable Outboards

No Oversized Fee

Tohatsu 2.5-3.5HP
Honda 2.3HP

Large Portable Outboards

$85 Oversized Fee

Freight Accessorial Charges

Yamaha 2.5-20HP
Tohatsu 4-20HP
Honda 4-20HP

Extra Large Outboards

$150 Oversized Fee

Freight Accessorial Charges

Includes: All outboards larger than 20HP

Small Boxed Boats

No Oversized Fee

Includes Achilles: LT, LS-RU, LEX, LSI 230-330

Large Boxed Boats

$50 Oversized Fee

UPS classed item larger than 130" in girth

Achilles LSR, LSI360, SPD290, SPD310, FRB104
Zodiac Cadet Aero 310-350, Cadet Alum 270-310, Fastrollers
Inmar 270H-TS, 290H-TS, 320H-TS, 270-TS, 290-TS

Extra Large Boxed Boats

$100 Oversized Fee

Freight Accessorial Charges

Achilles SPD330, FRB124, SGX, SG, SU
Zodiac Cadet Alum 350, Classics, Futuras
Inmar 270H-TS, 290H-TS, 320H-TS, 270-TS, 290-TS

Open RIBs

$150 Oversized Fee

Freight Accessorial Charges

All Non-Console RIBs

Oversized Fee (AKA Large Package Surcharge)

Charged by UPS for items larger than 130" in girth or 96" in length.

Freight Fee

Charged by Freight Carriers for accessorial fees including liftgate, limited access, and more.


Dealer Engine Prep

Validates warranty. Includes filling oil, completing a full OEM checklist, test run in tank, drain fluids, quart/s of oil added to crate, recrating. Assures a working engine.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Standard Fee for services performed & products used on each new vessel, requested by all manufacturers to validate and assist in all warranties.

We install a deep cycle marine battery, fully rig steering components, complete electrical and systems check. We conduct a full system check on the motor, fill with oil, fluids, and fuel, then test run in a test tank.

Once everything is tuned and prepared, a sea trial is performed with two Specialists to achieve ideal RPM-to-top-speed ratio, ensuring the boat gets on plane properly, and all systems operate on water.

Afterwards a full detail is performed on the tubes, deck, and hull to be turn-key ready for the customer.

CA DMV Registration

We will take care of your CA DMV registration for the vessel, which includes signing a Power of Attorney for the registration. We will email over a Power of Attorney to be signed and sent back. Once we have that, we mail out the temporary pink slip and stickers.

Achilles SG-156 inflatable boat is the largest model of the SG sport utility boats. Durable features include hypalon fabric with extra-large 20” tube chambers, full length splash guard with life lines, and a rigid deck system. Typical applications include commercial & rescue operations, diving, fishing, ocean play, and people moving. The boat can plane with six to eight persons and the use of a 50 horsepower outboard, with max capacity being 8 persons or 2800 pounds.

Boat Specifications

  • LOA: 15'6"
  • Beam: 6'3"
  • Weight: 272 lbs
  • Capacity: 8 persons or 2,800 lbs
  • Max Motor: 55 HP Long
  • Rec Motor: 9.9-55 HP Long
  • Tube Diameter: 20"
  • Air Chambers: 5 + Keel
  • Fabric Type: Hypalon
  • Factory Warranty: 5 Years
  • Stowed Dimensions (Hull): 5' x 2'4" x 1'2"
  • Stowed Dimensions (Floor): 3'7" x 2'6" x 8"

Standard Features

Achilles hypalon reinforced fabric, aluminum and fiberglass (aluminum and wood in SG-124) floorboards with aluminum stringer system, full length rub strake, air keel, fuel tank tie downs, (2) bailer valves, fold down locking oar system and oar holders (except SG-156), bow carry handle, lift and carry handles, towing bridle D-rings, helmsman grip, full length splash guard with life lines, removable wood seat (except SG-156), extra seat attachment patches, large high volume foot pump, double carry bag system, and maintenance kit

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